WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

Let’s get right to it up front, we love this product from WaterRower. The Natural is simply the best water rowing machine available on the market at the moment. As you might have guessed from the name, you’re getting water resistance on a high quality machine that is entirely unique in both aesthetic and functionality. The WaterRower Natural utilizes a “water flywheel” composed of two paddles suspended inside of an enclosed tank of water that’s built to give you the smooth, quiet resistance of a set of paddles cutting through the surface of a pristine lake. What’s also great about water resistance is that it won’t prove to be jerky and jarring like some other rowing machines that rely on air or a magnetic style of resistance. Adding to the unique nature of this incredible machine is that it has been made of wood instead of steel or aluminum. Hand crafted in solid Ash and stained Honey Oak these hardwood materials help reduce the noise and vibration that are inherent to any unit of this size. They’ve really thought of everything here.

Let’s Talk About Water Resistance

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is a water resistance rower that uses a “water flywheel” or in a tank of water to provide resistance. That’s it. Pretty simple stuff and you don’t even need to worry about adjusting the amount of tension with any sort of dial or switch, you just keep on working out. Row faster and the drag provides more resistance, if you go slower, the tension loosens up to the point of least resistance. It all depends on how much intensity you bring to the workout. You can customize your experience even more through the amount of water that is physically inside of the tank. By adding or removing water you can further adjust how much resistance you take on when you row, less water provides less drag, more water presents more volume for the flywheel to push through.

Natural Comfort for Peak Performance

WaterRower’s machine brings the best of both worlds to this unit with an ergonomic molded seat and cushioned padding to keep you comfortable for those long workout routines. Though most of the frame is made of wood, the handle uses aluminum and its contoured shape makes it easy to grasp as it matches the natural curvature of your hand as it grips. The footrests are sturdy and positioned at the correct angle so that you don’t slip or lose your footing. Additional straps ensure that you’re firmly set in place throughout the duration of your session.

Summing Up

The Natural delivers top flight functionality and looks terrific doing it. The decision to use hardwood in the manufacture of this machine was a great choice for both looks and the ability to soften the noise you get from any rowing machine. The sound of water sloshing in the tank is another benefit to help soothe and calm you as you go through your paces. The cost is going to price some folks out of buying this unit as it will set you back a little over a grand. But for those who can afford it, the WaterRower Natural is worth owning.