Vremi Super Power Professional Blender Review

The Vremi is a professional grade unit that comes with a stainless-steel base, large pitcher, adjustable blend speeds, and all of it accessible with just three simple buttons and a dial for fine-tuning. Those buttons are clearly marked through a series of easy to read icons and the pitcher has measurement indicators so you’ll always know how much of your ingredients are being added into the jar. These are just a few of the many terrific features and advantages to choosing this Vremi. It retails for just under $100 at most online stores and is well worth the price.

Streamline Your Prep Time

We all know preparation time is often the most important aspect of putting a meal together. Once your food has been introduced to a heat source, it’s pretty much out of your hands. But getting it there or even directly to your plate is where Vremi Super Power Blender comes in. It features an extra large 2L pitcher so making anything from soups, sauces, and purees will only take a few mere minutes. Liquid measurement indicators are displayed on the pitcher and the additional measuring cup that has built into the lid, so adding the proper ratios together is effortess.

Smoothies are a Cinch

Food preparation isn’t the only thing you can do with this Vremi, it’s also the perfect unit for making delicious smoothies and milkshakes. But no matter what you’re processing inside this blender, one of the Vremi’s three functions will take care of the job and make sure it’s done right.  There are three buttons on the front of the base, one of them is marked “P” for Pulse, another one displaying an ice cube symbol which stands for Crusher, and there’s a smoothie icon which is the Smooth Blend button and is great for whipping up smoothies and blended drinks. These are the base speeds, but the easy turn dial affords you a complete range of proper speed control, so you can achieve the proper consistency for your foods and beverages anytime, every time.

The Choice of Professional Chefs

The 120V. 60Hz. 1400W Vremi Super Power Blender uses five top-quality stainless steel blades to ensure that all of your ingredients are fully transformed in whichever manner you see fit. Those sharp blades will turn anything fresh or frozen into a thick creamy puree or maybe you just want a nice chopped salsa. With the Vremi, you can be sure it will all be cut down to size evenly. The base is easy to operate and there’s no need to worry about it slipping around on your counter, as each one has been equipped with rubber feet and a suction-fit rubber lid to enhance stability during blending.

Summing Up

Sleek and powerful, the Vremi blender not only works well but looks great too, featuring a  modern stainless steel body which won’t clash with your current kitchen décor. The biggest selling point here is that speed adjustment dial which offers the consumer greater oversight on blend speed. Most other units merely offer pre-programmed controls, but the Vremi puts all of the control in your hands.

The price tag might be a bit high for some, so feel free to check out our reviews of other comparable, less expensive blenders at smoothymakersparadise.com.