Top 4 Reasons Why Your Instagram Marketing Isn’t Working

An Instagram account may be your ticket to fame and fortune — but if and only if your Instagram marketing strategy works.

The social network is a platform that millions of people worldwide visit daily. And if you want to reach out to a big fraction of that daily visitor count, you need to work on a brilliant Instagram marketing strategy.

Here’s a closer look.

#1: You Are Not Established

Firstly, you need to understand that Instagram is a social network. Emphasis on social because you should do a bit of socialization there.

By socializing with the community, you’re building your brand and business. This is one of the best ways to establish your presence on the site.

You need to establish yourself to attract visitors. You need to be “somebody” on Instagram.

These visitors are more likely to trust, communicate, and interact with a person who owns an established Instagram account. Otherwise, it’d be easy for them to ignore a “nobody” like you.

#2: Your Posts Are Not Good Enough

Another reason why Instagram marketing doesn’t work for other people is their posts’ quality.

If you’re one of these people, you can remedy the problem by editing your posts and setting an acceptable standard. From now on, make sure your posts are of excellent quality.

Assess each of your posts for informative content, usefulness, and relevance. Don’t belittle the important combination of a grade A photo and strategically-written caption.

If you will categorize some — if not all — as terrible content, be ready to ditch those posts.

#3: You Are Not Using Hashtags

Not using hashtags is another reason for an unsuccessful Instagram marketing strategy.

Simply adding a “#” then a commonly-used word like “cute” can put you in a more accessible place on the network. After all, many people on Instagram access hashtags — both intentionally and upon encountering them on another person’s post.

Let’s state an example in which you used the “#cute” hashtag for a post. If 1,000 people click on the #cute hashtag, those 1,000 people can easily view your post.

#4: You Don’t Have a CTA

CTA stands for Call to Action. And it’s a statement that encourages audiences to take a “next step”.

As an earlier point says, don’t belittle the power of captions. If you jot down an actionable statement such as “Buy Today”, there’s a high likelihood that audiences will do exactly that.


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