The Three Most Popular Acoustic Guitars Compared

Music is not a casual hobby. Few guitars wind up as decorative set pieces, sitting in the corners of their owners’ living rooms like a mounted suit of armor from olden days. Guitars are living things, which are meant to be played and to be used, to be loved and worn down to their absolute maximum capacity. If you aren’t going to play your guitar, there’s little sense in having it; conversely, if you do want to play – if you can’t think of anything else but how much you want to play – then you need to find a guitar. There’s simply no viable alternative.

That’s where we come in.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

If you go online to look for information about buying your first guitar, you’re going to run into a few problems. Not the least of these will be that you’re going to find yourself bombarded with a lot of conflicting information. We’ve taken steps to help you out, by way of reading some of the top reviews and most critically acclaimed music blogs online… then we’ve boiled it all down to those bits and pieces of information that everyone in the know seems to agree upon. At, that’s what you get – the truth, as near as we can figure it.

Fender-Bending… Just Kidding, Don’t Do That!

Maybe you’re a beginner, and you’ve come here to find out which guitar you should look at for your very first instrument. If you want something affordable – until you decide exactly which direction you’re going to go in – you could opt for the Fender Squier acoustic guitar. As you’ll see in our full review, it comes with a full set of picks and a lot of extra parts. It’s a big, comfortable instrument, which sits well in the lap of a seated musician. A full-size guitar, it’s somewhat friendlier towards beginners than most acoustic instruments; you could definitely do worse than to make a Fender your first!

Three-Quarters Size, but All The Fun!

No matter where you live, if you’ve looked into buying an acoustic guitar, you’ve heard of Yamaha. Yamaha has spent decades consistently failing to disappoint. Its instruments are assembled from the finest parts and materials, put together by the world’s best artisans and craftspeople. Its FG JR1 is a small guitar, at three-quarters the size of a full guitar; if you have a young musician in the family who’s aspiring towards the acoustic, this is an excellent instrument to start him or her out with.  It’s not a toy – it has fantastic volume and tone, and is in every way a fully-featured guitar, but it is easier for smaller individuals to handle.

Come to Us for What You Need

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