Simple Facebook Strategies to Outperform your Competition

Simple Facebook Strategies to Outperform your Competition

Everyone is one is on Facebook these days. Okay, not everyone. But the social media giant draws more than 2 billion active users not to mention the millions of business pages. In essence, this implies the competition for attention is cutthroat. These tips will help your brand attract more love from fans and new followers.

Your Profile Picture has to be on Point

Did anyone say the first impression? Well, it counts on Facebook. Your profile picture is the first thing a potential follower sees when he or she visits your page. By extension, this determines if the user will interact with you or not.

Ensure that your picture is simple. You don’t have to cram a ton of test or compress it to make it look stylish. You’re better off with a high-quality, close-up shot as opposed to something fancy.

Spruce up your Cover Photo

Like your profile picture, a cover photo represents an essential piece of imagery to wow your visitors and potential followers.

So, make sure that you tone everything, with the brand slogans and call to action strategically placed. And, you don’t need to have graphic design skills. You can use free tools such as Landscape to enable you to spice up your cover photo in a cinch.

Native Videos are Important

Videos are taking over content marketing, and the scenario isn’t any different on Facebook. Create an attractive, entertaining video to entice a user to stop scrolling and check it out. In so doing, you will make potential followers spend more time engaging with your brand.

Keep in mind that native videos on Facebook get favored by the platform’s algorithm and are likely to attract more likes, comments, and shares.

Use a Paid Growth Service

Gaining traction on Facebook can take some time, especially if you’re trying to outwit your competitors. Consider using a service such as Social10x to help fast track the results. Read more amazing stuff at, and what it means to spend some money to boost your Facebook growth.

The Bottom Line

Facebook is here to stay if the latest trends are anything to go by. Of course, competition for attention is going to be stiffer as more people join the network. Even then, you can stay on top if you’re seeking out what’s working and what’s not continually.