How to look gorgeous on your fist date

All women love the period of time that they are single, because that means that they do not have to do all the beauty tricks they usually do when going out on a date. It means more freedom, free time and independence. What will happen if you delay the leg shaving for a few days? Nothing! Especially in winter that you can wear long  trousers.

But sooner or later you will meet someone that you want to impress on your first date. First you get those butterflies on the stomach, anticipation for the date and you start making all the scenarios in your head of what could happen. That is the time where the anxiety arrives. What should you wear? How intense should your makeup be? Where will he take you?

In this article you will find some useful information that can help you prepare for the big date and hopefully it will reduce your stress!

Start with the clothes

Dress to impress. That is the most simple and important tip regarding the clothes that you will wear on your first date. If you take a look in your closet for sure you will find that perfect dress or trousers that every time you have tried it on a date or any other special occasion everyone says how beautiful you are.

One good tip would be to ask your date about where you are going to go in order to adjust the style of your clothes to the occasion. You need different clothes for a casual coffee and different clothes for a fancy dinner.

By all means, avoid wearing something too tight or something that makes you feel uncomfortable. You need to focus on getting to know your date instead of thinking how tight this dress is.

Makeup and Hair

Most women have an obsession with their makeup and hair. And to be honest a good makeup can for sure hide some imperfections or a pimple that arose on the last minute.

Let us start with the makeup first. The first tip here is to be careful not to exaggerate. Do not make a dramatic change before the date. You need to look the same as when he met you and not be someone else. That is what he liked and he wants to see again! So, instead of changing your whole style try to underline your strong points. For instance put on some extra mascara or a very nice lipstick.

If you are thinking about having a facial one day before the date, simple forget it. In most cases your face needs a few days before the swelling and redness disappears.

Now let us focus on the hair. Having good-looking hair can boost your confidence and of course it can enhance your clothes and makeup. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on a hairdresser in order to look good, you can do it yourself at home.

If you have curly hair, the best you can do it let them in their natural shape just by using some products that are targeted to curly hair. If you want to try something different or if you have wavy hair and you want to make them straight the best tool is a hair straightener. If you do not have one or if you want to buy a new one this site has everything you need to know about hair straighteners. It is definitely a must have tool that can save you a lot of time in many occasions.

Focus on your strengths

This is probably the most important tip that you need to follow on your date. After you have completed everything that has to do with your appearance you need to start thinking about your attitude and what you are going to say to him. There is no need to prepare long conversations on your mind but it would be nice to have a few topics in mind that you can discuss. Remember to show the best and real you. There is no need to say something bad about you but of course do not exaggerate. Wear your best smile and focus on getting to know him.

Hopefully all these tips will help you feel as relaxed as possible before the big date. In any case, try to have a good night’s sleep, take a hot shower  and relax as much as possible. Nothing looks better than a relaxing and joyful woman. Do not forget to be yourself! Of course it is very important to look nice on the first date but the real purpose of a date is to see if you like each other and if you have chemistry. So, try to show the real you and how you are on your daily life with your friends and your family and let him be impressed.