Four Great Father’s Day Gifts

Four Great Father's Day Gifts

It seems that there’s always an occasion just around the corner, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. All require you to get on your gift game and impress the receiver, and as you all know some people are a lot easier to buy gifts for than others. One particular occasion that is often marked by stress around the gift is Father’s Day – surely he’s not going to want a tie or socks for the fourth year in a row. It’s tempting to go down to Belk and take advantage of the strategically placed sale they have three days before Father’s Day. However, this could be the year that you decide to get creative with the gifts and see how much you can surprise your Dad with his Father’s Day gift. Here are four great Father’s Day gift ideas for those of you who can’t just think of anything.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

How often does Dad really get to get away from it all and have some time for himself? The busyness of life doesn’t often reward us with such luxuries, especially if the house is filled to the brim with life – kids, pets, and the whole nine yards. He’s probably spent the better part of this year devoting all his spare time outside of work entertaining you and your siblings and making sure that the weekends weren’t a complete write-off. That’s where noise-canceling headphones come in. Maybe he can’t physically get away for a couple of days to have some time to recuperate, but maybe he can put on a device that eliminates all surrounding noise and pretend that he is miles away from that living room. He’ll thank you for the chance to listen to his favorite soundtracks without all the distraction for a moment.

Swim Trunks

How often does your Dad take you and your siblings to the pools? All the time? How often does he buy new swim trunks? Never? He’s probably got the same old swimming gear that he had ten years ago when you were just starting to learn to swim and hasn’t even put thought into changing it up. If you’re a family that loves to swim and goes to the pools as much as possible, getting him some brand new swim trunks is something he’s bound to appreciate. Dads tend to like the practical stuff – things they’ve thought about needing to get for a while but just haven’t been able to justify taking the time or money to do it. Having you think of that all by yourself and taking the stress out of trying to find the perfect pair will have him smiling and even more eager to spend the weekends at the pools with you.

Weed Wacker

If your Dad is the outdoorsy type, he’s bound to spend those parts of the weekend he’s not out doing things with you in the backyard, seeing what he can accomplish before Monday morning hits again. And if he doesn’t, it’s probably because he hasn’t been able to get around to buying the right tools for the job, so can’t bear the thought of attacking those outside jobs with just his bare hands. Make his life a whole lot easier by getting him a weed wacker for Father’s Day. Assuming that he still makes the time to get out there every week or so and mow the lawn, then a weed wacker is the perfect accompaniment to this task. Check out for some excellent reviews of the best weed wacker that money can buy.

A Watch

Does your Dad wear a watch? Or is it hidden in his draw with all his other untouched treasures, because it was his Dad’s and he’s too scared to wear it in case something happens to it? While he might have a sentimental watch that will always be in the family, maybe it’s time to get him one that he can wear every day and not worry about damaging. There is an excellent range of medium priced watches out there that are classic and timeless which he can regularly wear, while still pulling out his draw now and then to admire the family heirloom.

While it can be hard not to pick up a Father’s Day gift at the last minute and trust that he will like it no matter what because it’s the thought that counts, why not make this Father’s Day special. He’ll be pleasantly surprised when he finds that you went the extra mile to think about what kind of gift he might want or need, and then enjoyed the process of getting it for him. Plus, it could even mean spending more time with him or getting to do the things you want to on the weekend – it’s a win-win.