Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD Propane Air Heater Review

Finding the right fit for something that seems a little farfetched, such as an outside source of heat, may be really challenging. Outside heat sources are ideal for those who are going to be within a few feet of the unit at any given point. Heat rises which often becomes overlooked when some heating units are discussed for backyard usage. The RMC-FA60DGD is a one of a kind propane heater that sits on the floor and is portable.

Description of the RMC-FA60DGD

The RMC-FA60DGD is a professional grade unit that produces 30 thousand to 60 thousand BTUs. It is used only on the floor as it does heat up the area in front to dangerously high degrees for count or table tops. It can be adjusted so that the angle of the heat will blow in other directions. It is a simple installation and the regulator and hose is included in the purchase. The hose is approximately ten feet long and the powerful blows help to spread heat across a larger area than a regular patio heater. As with many patio heating units, this heat blower has a safety feature allowing it to shut itself off if the unit is tipped over or there is a backup of pressure in the unit.

The Pros of the RMC-FA60DGD

When it comes to the manufacturing of this product consumers have noted how well it withstands the heating up process, naming it the best patio heater and garage heating source on the market. Concerned consumers have tested the level of carbon monoxide that this heater emits. Within their testing, it was reported that the levels were not dangerous enough to set off their carbon monoxide alarms. When this unit heats up, consumers have reported that heat does not escape from the sides and unless directly touch, you can’t feel any heat at all on the sides. Even when temperatures have reached single digits, consumers have found this heater adequate enough to not only keep them warm but also enough to produce sweat.

The Cons of the RMC-FA60DGD

The sound that the RMC-FA60DGD makes when it is heating up is reported to be similar to that of a rocket launcher taking off. Other issues have been with the unit ignitor. Many have found that it either doesn’t work at all, works the first few minutes, or works constantly without any breaks in between. This could all cause serious issues if you were to walk out thinking the unit was off. The fan has been another issue that consumers have ran across when purchasing this unit. They have noted that the fan will drag and some units have also been reported to have bent blades in the fan.

In Conclusion

Products that are designed to use outdoors should be used outdoors and not indoors as it could cause a potentially hazardous environment for everyone within the room it is used. Many consumers have been concerned about the carbon monoxide amount that is put off by this unit and others. It has steered many people away from wanting to purchase a floor unit such as this. It is best to report any issues that you find with your unit immediately for future assistance.