3 Ways the Loyalty of Your Customers on Instagram Can Help Your Brand

Learn to value your longstanding customer relationships on Instagram. While you may not get a front seat view of it happening, your long-term customers actually play a part in elevating your brand — and this goes beyond the social network.

Because your customers choose to stay with you, it means you’re doing something right. In turn, they’ll also be doing something right for your brand.

Here are the ways they make it happen.

1. Boost in Awareness

Your long-term customers are already familiar with your brand. They already know your approach to business, rules, and services.

They can introduce your brand to their network of friends. And then get familiarize these people with your business, rules, and services.

If you have a community of (at least) 10 loyal customers, and those 10 loyal customers have a network of (at least) 20 friends, that’d be an additional audience of 200 people (10 * 20)!

And if their friends ask about a particular service — and you happen to be the most excellent and reliable service-provider in that department — it’s possible that they’ll slip in your brand’s name and make a recommendation.

2. Improved Reputation

Similarly, if their friends ask about your brand, your long-term customers will back you up. That’d be an instant boost for your brand’s reputation.

Let’s say a negative rumor about your brand is circulating around your customers’ network. Once your loyal customers hear of this rumor, they can easily and quickly dispel it.

3. Immediate Sales

And if you have loyal customers, it may mean that you have a solid base of people who will buy your services immediately. No need to convince or advertise to them — they’re already sold on your offer.

Just make sure you’re consistent with your brand’s approach from the first day they came to you. If they believed in you before, they’re always going to believe in you — unless you give them a reason to bolt.

You may use automation tools to help you keep up. But be careful of tools that don’t promote organic Instagram growth like The Millenial Marketers.

To learn more, check out The Millennial Marketers review over at The Small Business Blog. There, you can read a lowdown of the tool, as well as some of the recommended alternatives.


A big plus of getting a boost from your loyal customers on Instagram is that these people are helping out your brand naturally. And they are a reflection of your approach in delivering the services they need. It means they’re satisfied and they are willing to inform others.